Scilla (Chionodoxa) National Plant Collection

Tinnisburn Plants has been home to the National Plant Collection of Scilla (Chionodoxa) since 2021.

Scilla sect. Chionodoxa is native to the eastern Mediterranean, where it grows in high alpine areas. The plants are common in Cyprus, Crete and Turkey.

They flower in early spring, typically mid-March here at Tinnisburn. The small, delicate flowers give the plant its common name of 'glory-of-the-snow'.

We hold an open weekend in March, giving plant lovers a chance to admire this glorious gem in flower.

Two place blue flowers with yellow centres

The National Plant Collection

Diversity of species is as vital in the plant world as it is in the animal kingdom. To help preserve this, the charity Plant Heritage works to ensure the genetic heritage in our gardens is maintained.

One way they do this is by certifying National Plant Collections, registered and documented collections of plants. Today there are over 700 such collections in the UK and we are proud to host one of them. 

Dr Alan Dickenson formed the National Plant Collection of Scilla (Chionodoxa). Following his death, the collection was taken on Helen at Tinnisburn Plants to maintain and develop.

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