Claytonia sibirica (Pink purslane, Siberian Spring Beauty, Miner's Lettuce)

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A wonderful little shade loving perennial that forms rosettes of fleshy, lance-shaped leaves and produces a profusion of pink flowers from mid-spring to late summer.  Loved by bees this is also and edible plant.  Its leaves can be eaten raw or cooked for use in salads or a steamed green and have a mild flavour.  They are high in vitamin C and was used by miners during the Californian gold rush in the mid 1800's to prevent scurvy, hence one of its common names being Miner's Lettuce.

Grows well in most soils and while it will tolerate dry conditions it prefers damp soils making it an excellent choice for near ponds and streams as groundcover.  Very hardy.  H&S 25cm x 30cm

Pot size: 9cm

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